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Greensy is a team of like-minded people who are truly fond of their business. With the help of plants, we add colour, air and life to office interiors, creating an atmosphere of comfort and tranquillity for employees and setting up company guests for effective and pleasant communication.

Benefits of a green office

Live plants have a positive effect on the psyche, reduce stress and increase the efficiency of office employees.

Flowers and trees clean the air from dust, gases and harmful substances, increase humidity and reduce noise.

Plants highlight the bright accents of interior design, allow you to correctly zone the office space.

Environmental friendliness of the office has a positive impact on the company image, as well as on its entry into the international market — where ‘green’ companies are treated with particular respect.

Greensy Services

Live plant walls with automatic irrigation and lighting system

We set up the irrigation and lighting system so that you don’t have to constantly monitor the plantings — the plants will always stay fresh and blooming.

Walls and pictures made of stabilized moss

It is an alternative solution for dark interiors, moss does not require additional lighting or maintenance. Thanks to its wide range of moss colours, you can create paintings to suit every taste from natural landscapes to bright avant-garde ones, or use in the company logo.

Live indoor plants in cachepots

We offer a really wide selection of plants from Holland — we can plant both decorative deciduous and flowering plants in the office.

How we work


You can choose a ready-made solution that we provide or order an individual project – just send a request to us by email. After the request is processed, we will arrange a convenient time for you to make the necessary measurements and assess the characteristics of the room: humidity, temperature, lighting, etc.


According to your order and the measurements made, we pick up the phytomodels, irrigation system and lighting. If an additional wall decoration is needed, we will offer you a choice of several options for suitable finishes.

Installation of wall and planting

The phytowall is installed in accordance with the selected irrigation and lighting systems. Depending on the plants, the complexity of the design and the technology of care, planting can take from 10 minutes to a full working day.

Maintenance and care

You can care for the phytowall yourself through a mobile application or delegate the matter to the professionals — noting the relevant point at the conclusion of the contract.

Greensy team

We are a small company that is engaged in interior landscaping and really loves their work. We treat our work and all plants with awe and respect — from small cacti and succulents to giant decorative deciduous palms.

In addition to talented gardening experts, our team includes a botanist and a civil engineer.

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